Monday, February 3, 2020

‘Walls Are Closing In’ on the Democrats

Via John

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Buy stock in popcorn companies in anticipation of the entertainment to come.

 On Friday, as I and about 456,874 other people predicted, the Senate voted against calling yet more witnesses in the make-believe, 100 percent certified partisan impeachment fiasco run by the Democrats and their media cheerleaders.

That vote brought this lucrative entertainment to an end, de facto if not de jure. The official, signed-sealed-and-delivered end will come Wednesday, we’re told, when the Senate will vote on whether to acquit the president of the two charges on which he was impeached by the House. Spoiler alert: They will.


  1. The State of the Union tonight. President TRUMP will extoll his/OUR many OUTSTANDING accomplishments since the ERRORS of Lil Barry, and His Criminal COMMIE Cabal. May God Bless and Protect Him, His Family, and ALL who are in attendance. I Wonder Who the Designated Survivor is for tonight? It should be OBVIOUS that these Bat Rasturd Dems have something up their sleeves. They are beaten, and very angry lil demons. EVIL is afoot! May God Bless AMERICA.

    1. Hear! Hear! Get on the band wagon before it's too late.:)