Sunday, November 4, 2012

Defiant To The End

Sir, I wish I had had the privilege of shaking your hand.

The Last Words Of South Vietnamese Colonel Ho Ngoc:  
"Down with the Communists.  Long live Vietnam."


  1. This is why the Democratic Party senators from the 1970's should have their graves pissed on each and every day. They cut funding and ran from the RVN people after ratcheting the war up during Kennedy and Johnsons administrations. The fuckers have no honor.

    1. Yes, as I mentioned before: Would Thieu have made the decision which led to their self-inflicted defeat if Congress had backed him like the North was backed by China and Russia? No, though it doesn't excuse his poor choice. I was the Funds Manager for the South Vietnamese Air Force at Bien Hoa from 1973 until the very end. We only requested 1.4 million to operate on for the year and Congress cut it to 700K, so we grounded the Skyraiders, which was a stupid decision, though they went back up when the offensive started. The Fall was the absolute worst day of my life bar none and it still haunts me and makes me deeply sad today to the point of tears. I would cheer if every one who voted against the full appropriations bill got their throats slit.