Friday, January 9, 2015

‘Death from cancer the best’: UK doctor under fire over calls not to ‘waste’ money on tumors cure

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I have beaten the Big C twice so far, once in 1974 while still in Vietnam and once more in 1995 when it returned, so I have had 40 years more of life adding three more daughters (5 total) because of Cobalt and operations. What a blithering idiot.


A former British Medical Journal (BMJ) editor has stated that cancer is the best form of death and it is preferable to other options, saying that attempts to cure it could potentially lead to a “more horrible” death.

“Let’s stop wasting billions trying to cure cancer,” Dr Richard Smith wrote in a BMJ blog. He referenced other potential causes of death to outline why he deemed cancer to be the most preferable.
“The long, slow death from dementia may be the most awful as you are slowly erased,” he stated, adding that “death from organ failure—respiratory, cardiac, or kidney—will have you far too much in hospital and in the hands of doctors.”

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  1. I tell you now that I would rather die covered in my own blood fighting for the constitution than to wimper lying in urine in obamacares deathbed

    1. Yes, cowards die a thousand deaths, but the brave only once.