Monday, July 20, 2015

Anthony Hervey Dead: Chased, Car Rolled In Mississippi & Monumental Dixie

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 RIP, Anthony Hervey

It has been confirmed that Anthony Hervey died in the car wreck.

When I was in Oxford, MS last August, I personally witnessed the vitriol that was directed largely toward Anthony Hervey, who has been physically attacked for his beliefs in the past. I also saw part of the exchange between an irate group of local blacks and HK Edgerton in Birmingham yesterday. I mentioned that in my article earlier. I never thought it would go to the level of stalking someone after they left the event, running them off the road in another state, maybe even killing them.

The Jackson Clarion Ledger has picked up the story:

More with pictures and videos @ Conservative News


Daddy's little rebel

Driving to Birmingham from St. Louis, we didn’t arrive at the “Monumental Dixie” rally in Linn Park until around 12:30 PM. Thus, we only saw the very tail end of the event. Hundreds of people had been there earlier in the day, but the crowd was smaller when we arrived due to the brutal heat and humidity. The Alabama Flaggers had a health scare and were forced to leave early.

When we finally got there, HK Edgerton had the microphone and was in the middle of giving his familiar “I am the flag” speech, which I had seen before in Columbia, SC and Oxford, MS. At first glance, the event looked and sounded like every other pro-Confederate rally hosted by the Heritage movement I had ever seen.

It was a very hot day in mid-July in Birmingham. I reached down to grab a bottled water and a slice of watermelon.

More with pictures and videos @ Conservative News


  1. Sounds like some folks are upping the ante

    1. & more is yet to come from both sides which should make Obama happy.

      “This is not racism. This is my heritage,” Hervey said.