Monday, July 20, 2015

This gun control tactic is hard to shoot down

Via avordvet
FOUGHT TILL THE END - A Vietnamese machine gunner lies dead in his foxhole with hundreds of shells surrounding him. The knee-deep spent shells are silent proof that he fought to his death when Viet Cong overran his position at the Michelin Rubber Plantation, 45 miles northwest of Saigon. The battleground was retaken today and over a hundred corpses recovered.


Gee, what a great idea.......................

The only argument to be made against background checks is the misguided notion that the government is trying to compile a list of gun owners. But five federal laws ban the creation of such a national registry.

We hope voters get behind the Background Check Initiative. If we are proven wrong, and at some point the feds come after gun owners in a nationwide dragnet, we assume word will spread quickly and people can bury their guns in their backyards or stick them in a storage unit. Until then, let’s start saving more lives.

More nonsense @ Vegas Inc


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    Dad had friends who were killed at the Michelin Rubber Plantation, one was Mister Vanderweg. Terrible what they did to him.


    1. I can only imagine. Thanks. Did he ever write an account?

    2. No writing but he could talk your ear off with yet another Bataan Death March down Memory Lane. Captured by the SS in Normandy, tortured by the Gestapo in Paris, Stalag4b, Muelburg then liberation by the Rooskies.

    3. He passed in 2002. ..."and he ain't gonna jump no more."