Monday, July 20, 2015

NC: Four Thousand Rally In Support of Confederate Monument In Alamance County

Via comment by Anonymous on "Camps!"

4,000 rally to defend Confederate monument dedicated to fallen loved ones

One of my favorite quotes about North Carolina comes from James C. Cobb’s The South and America Since World War II and goes something like this: “You’re not in the United States anymore.

This is North Carolina.”

Note: Sadly, North Carolina isn’t what it used to be, but still

More with video @ Occidental Dissent


  1. I was there Saturday. I was surprised that as many people showed up. I was expecting a crowd, but wow!! We estimated that between 1500 and 2000 attended the rally! I was coordinating getting the written signatures for the petition from those who didn't have internet services or didn't want to sign the online petition. Also I was keeping up a running total of both online and written signatures. Total number of signatures from both sources exceeded 7000+. We are presenting the petition to the Alamance Board of Commissioners this evening at 7:00p.

    1. Great job and congratulations! See you at the Fall PATCON

  2. Just got back from the meeting a little bit ago. We hand delivered 8200+ petition signatures. The commissioners surprised me tonight. Before anyone could get up and talk about the monument, the commissioners held a vote to keep or move the monument. It was passed 5-0 to keep the monument. They did let the speakers have their say though.