Monday, July 20, 2015

Summertime by 13 Year Old Abby Ward

Via Cousin Colby


  1. That's excellent Brock but to me this is the quintessential version of the song:

    Maybe it's just because I saw him perform it live in the Cat's Eye in Raleigh in 1969 or 70 but to me this is the best. Billy was killed in a wreck a few months after I saw him.

    And then there's this one:


  2. Thanks and listening to the second one now which is a popular Shag dance tune.

  3. Yes it is. I used to have CD's of all of Billy Stewarts stuff. I guess I still do somewhere. Speaking of "beach music" tunes. Having spent way to much of my youth in places like "The Cat's Eye" and "The Jolly Knave", I thought I knew the genre pretty well until about 10 years ago I heard this song, amazingly for the first time. It's now my favorite song in several categories. I imagine you know it but
    it's pretty obscure.


    1. Thanks and I remember this clear as a bell. I was driving my '69 Bluebird on the streets of Saigon in 1969.