Monday, July 20, 2015

Florida Police Might Regret What They Did to 1 Open Carrier


It’s always going to problem when a person is exercising their constitutional right and the police come in and try and make an example of them.

It’s even worse when that right is protected by state and local ordinances as well.

Which is exactly why Tampa Bay, FL police are looking a lawsuit in the face. writes


  1. I hope he collects MILLIONS!


    1. & gives us a share. :) Actuality the taxpayer will anti-up until laws can be passed to make them personally responsible.

  2. Burn 'em. While they have insurance, their rates will rise. Perhaps it will cost them federal aid as a result of paid out claims. Ultimately, the taxpayers must decide who oversees that town. Maybe fire a Police Chief?

  3. The insanity of 'qualified immunity' is the reason LEO and other public officials do and allow this conduct. They routinely engage in the practice of 'lawfare', the use of their authority and position to arrest and charge people for conduct they KNOW is legal and
    protected. They don't care. They are aware that their victim will be humiliated, forced to do a 'perp walk', forced to spend time behind bars with real criminals after being
    booked and often strip searched. Their victims may be in jail for hours or even days before they are released, then the victim must pony up beaucoup $$$$ to hire an attorney, miss work and in general be run through the ringer of government abuse.....
    and only THEN will the charges be dropped. And if the citizen prevails in a civil suit...
    which is never a guarantee the only person held to account is the long suffering taxpayer who foots the bill for the blood money to pay off the victims of state sanctioned criminality.