Saturday, June 29, 2013

Detroit represents the implosion of the blue states model

Via WiscoDave


Detroit has been on a collision course with reality and now reality is here.  Detroit is bankrupt and on its last leg financially.  There was time that Detroit was one of our bigger cities but over the past half century, the population has decreased by more than half.  There is nothing left but a hallowed out city which resembles a third world hell hole than a real America City.  I remember being in Detroit in the 80’s and being five blocks from the convention center.  I asked a hotel employee best path to walk and he looked me with a stern look, “Take a cab.”  I told him, “Hey it is only five blocks, can’t be that long,” and he responded, “You may not make it alive.”  I took a cab.  

A friend of mine mentioned to me that while she was asleep on a business trip  a couple of years ago, a thief came in to steal a piece of the furnace from her hotel room. She felt she was lucky to be alive and She told her company “No more trips to Detroit”


  1. This is a good argument, until you notice Seattle, Pittsburgh, Portland, Mineapolis...

    I think the problem is something else. Hmmm...must be racism!

    1. must be racism!

      I'm sure the press will run with this.:)