Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cambodian orphans donate to help Alberta flood victims

Via Freedom Outpost

 Cambodian orphans donate to help Alberta flood victims

He should not have accepted this, but thanked them very much.  Those poor orphans have no idea how well off Canadians are.  I'm appalled he would even consider it and I've spent many a moon in Cambodia.  Disgraceful. He should be ashamed.


‘It’s humbling,’ says foundation founder Paul Brandt

They are children who have no home of their own, let alone cherished material possessions. When the wife of their prime minister came to visit recently, they were thrilled when she gifted each one the equivalent of about $12 Cdn.

On Wednesday, those children handed over half of their new windfall to the Paul Brandt Build It Forward Foundation, specifying that they wanted the money to go to victims of the Alberta floods. Together with donations from orphanage staff, the final tally came in at $900 — impressive from children of any socioeconomic background.


  1. Evidently, the RCMP is seizing guns from evacuated houses.

    1. Yup, saw that before and they state that they will be returned. Sounds better than Katrina at least, but we shall see.