Saturday, June 29, 2013

Russians Be All Up in Snowden's Laptop - Releases NSA Data

Via David


Middle Finger News Service
Moscow Correspondent

Alexander Putin, in a further attempt to embarrass the child emperor on safari, has now made public some of the NSA records taken from Edward Snowden's hard drive which trace communications from within the White House. Here is some examples released:

Phone Record
September 11, 2012
From: Pentagon, Office of the Secretary of Defense
To: Oval Office

Content: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta phones President Barack Obama to inform him of attack on U.S. facility in Benghazi. POTUS indicates concern and asks to remain updated. SecDef is forced to repeat several key details and notes that POTUS seems distracted. POTUS responds that he is constructing fantasy basketball team and asks SecDef if he wants in. SecDef politely declines and pledges to continue delivering updates. POTUS lets him know there’s a good chance those updates will go to voice mail.

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