Friday, December 5, 2014

Supreme Court to rule on Confederate Flag license plates

Via Bill

The Supreme Court already has heard a case this fall about a busted brake light. Why not vanity license plates?

The justices agreed to decide Friday whether Texas' denial of a specialty license plate featuring the Confederate flag was an infringement on free speech.

In doing so, the court held in abeyance another case in which North Carolina approved a "Choose Life" license plate but denied one defending a woman's right to choose.

The cases present two issues that have come up repeatedly in lower courts: Do vanity plates speak for the government that issues them or the driver that displays them? And does the First Amendment say anything goes -- or require equal treatment?

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  1. I seem to be having opinions about everything today (not unlike most other days ;) - frankly, I think there should be no such thing as vanity plates - why make your car a sitting duck for those morons out there who disagree with your sentiment and decide to take it out on your car? It's a money maker for the state you live in- Big Woop!

    1. Well, so far, my contraption hasn't been targeted with my many non-PC, glaring stickers. :)

    2. My vanity plates on my truck should be my choice, not the government's. In Texas we have the right to protect our property. The SCV honors my ancestors and to me that is a Big Whoop.

  2. Obviously we dont live in a free country if a high court like the SC has to decide what we are "allowed" to put on our cars.
    I cant take it anymore.

    and btw my daughter has a confederate flag saddle pad. I'd like to see someone tell her she cant use it.

  3. I still continue to ride around with my 'Ron Paul' and 'Remember the USS Liberty'
    stickers since 2011 among all the 'Obama' stickers that never was. PC be damned.

    1. :) I've still got Ron Paul 2008 on my mailboxes.

  4. 'Coxexist' ones I hate. Use to be trucks and cars with the Confederate Flag
    on the front bumper but have not seen any in a while. I guess psychological
    intimidation. Or. the liberal invasion.

    1. Coxexist' ones I hate

      What!? It's my favorite. :)


      Confederate Flag

      They are on my license plates. Don't know if they are available in your state though.

  5. NC - Buncombe Cnty. There use to be Confederate shops here back in the day.
    Use to be at the cnty fair a Confederate stand where I would purchase various
    items. Not any more. Thanks for the new and improved 'Coexist' emblem. A must!