Friday, December 5, 2014

Breitbart investigation: Lena Dunham’s story of rape by campus Republican ‘evaporated into pixie dust’

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While promoting her memoir, “Not That Kind of Girl,” feminist and 2012 Glamour “Woman of the Year” Lena Dunham found herself in the awkward position of apologizing for her “comic use” of the term “sexual predator.”

If you recall, it was in a particularly disturbing passage that Dunham referred to herself as a young girl acting as a sexual predator. In the meantime, mainstream and feminist media lauded a chapter in which Dunham recounted a college rape by Barry, “a mustachioed campus Republican” in purple cowboy boots, as “a must-read.”

So now why is the book back in the news?’s John Nolte today writes that after a month-long investigation:
… Breitbart News could not find a Republican named Barry who attended Oberlin during Dunham’s time there who came anywhere close to matching her description of him. In fact, we could not find anyone who remembered any Oberlin Republican who matched Dunham’s colorful description.
Under scrutiny, Dunham’s rape story didn’t just fall apart; it evaporated into pixie dust and blew away.
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  1. What a bitch but then she is liberal. I guess they are one in the same.


  2. This is one despicable woman to be sure. The things she admits to in her book sound horrible if true, including the sexual abuse of her little sister (who is now a lesbian). Her father and mother's idea of raising children would have had them in prison if they lived in a normal place. The destructive behavior and attitudes were further perfected at Oberlin, and no one in their right mind would let their precious child go there, not for a million dollars and a free ride.
    So Breitbart could find no record of a Republican named Barry during Ms.Dunham's period of attendance. Surprising if you could find anyone admitting to be a Repub on that campus. Here is a bit dated article on Oberlin - doubt if it has gotten anything but worse. Prepare to be shocked.

    Then there is this from the recently revived Oberlin College Republicans that is a total hoot - RINO's in training or the real deal?

    1. the sexual abuse of her little sister (who is now a lesbian).

      I guess she can't be brought to trial now?


      no one in their right mind would let their precious child go there,

      Patrick Henry College would be the choice for me.


      Oberlin College Republicans

      I only see 2007. Hope they aren't gone.

  3. I guess there really is a Barry - hope he wins lots of money plus attorneys fees - not sure about the statute of limitations on what she said she did to her little sister (who sounds royally messed up, too):