Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Mississippi Burning – The Self-Inflicted Investigative Challenges Of The Jessica Lane Chambers Murder…

Via Sioux

 jessica chambers angel image

By now most people are aware of our decision to stop analyzing and researching the Jessica Chambers murder. If not, well now you are.  That said, and because of the exhaustive previous research by all of you genuinely good truth-seekers, an explanation is warranted and deserved.

My apologies in advance for any length of explanation – And prior to explaining, allow me to assert a belief that investigators probably know who did it.

The problem is proving it.


  1. What a shame and in a town of only 600 too.

  2. I have no doubt they know who is responsible. But without evidence you don't make allegations. Doing so can cause a conviction to be overturned once you DO have the evidence you need.