Thursday, January 15, 2015

Arpaio Lawsuit Against Obama Amnesty Wins Accelerated Hearing


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama's sweeping orders that protect millions of illegal aliens — dismissed by a federal judge last month — is back on the front burner, with an appeals court Wednesday ordering an accelerated hearing in the constitutional case.

Larry Klayman, Arpaio's lawyer and founder of the watchdog group Freedom Watch, had argued an expedited hearing schedule for an appeal was crucial to prevent the immigration orders from taking effect this spring.

"It is a big victory to Sheriff Arpaio and indeed the American people that the D.C. Circuit recognized the need for this case to be quickly resolved before Obama's unconstitutional amnesty program goes into full effect…" Klayman said in a statement.

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  1. Brock, off topic, but have you seen this?

    1. Thanks and yes I just posted it before I saw this. Brilliant minds...:)

  2. Ive had enough of Sheriff Joe as a Sheriff. Time for him to get out of Arizona. AND GO RIGHT TO D.C. I think this man should be in charge of immigration to the USA. This guy has a good set of standards and a no bullshit aproach to problems. Perhaps if we put him in charge of islamic prisoners they would loose interest in their holy war. Go Sheriff Joe.