Friday, January 29, 2016

McAuliffe retreats on carry-permit reciprocity, restores agreements with 25 states

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Just five weeks after Virginia’s attorney general unilaterally severed carry-permit reciprocity with 25 states, Governor Terry McAuliffe has reversed course, reinstating the reciprocal relationships.  The Washington Post’s Jenna Portnoy frames this as a trade of concessions between Republicans and Democrats on the issue, but it’s a full retreat with a threadbare political cover:

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  1. Tar and feather, then run out of town on a rail! :)

  2. I have commented before I this blog about carpet bagging democrats in Virginia politics Still glad I moved from there to the Old North State. He will be a pain in the commonwealths ass for more years yet

    1. I believe you told me, but can't remember, where do you live in the Land of the Long Leaf Pine? :)

  3. Thanks and I went to Basic at Ft. Bragg.