Friday, January 29, 2016

Your Kids Are Learning Sharia While Teachers Smile

Via Cousin John


Ruining Americans children began back in 2009.  What started out as a phony federal program to increase education standards for our children, rapidly transformed in to a standard set of principles and teachings in an effort to numb the minds and character of our most precious resource, the children of America.

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  1. Yes....the teachers doing the bidding of their unions and the politically motivated administrators are all too happy to push the muzzie agenda and proselytize for allah. And the
    truly ironic thing about this is that if these idiots succeed and hand America over to the goatfuckers most of them will be raped, enslaved or killed. And ALL of theire precious indoctrination centers will be closed and replaced with the muzzie version of school....a Madras....that only boys can attend.

  2. If you ever see me bent down with my ass in the air on one of those prayer rugs PLEASE SHOOT ME because there's no fight left in me! CH