Thursday, October 10, 2013

“Love Lincoln” Propaganda For Fifth Graders

How do you create Lincoln lovers at the fifth grade level and thereby assure that most of them will continue to believe the pro-Lincoln propaganda that the public school system will continually throw in their faces up through high school and on into the college level? You do it by making Lincoln look like an underdog, because most people, adults as well as kids, will feel automatic sympathy for the underdog. An outfit called Scholastic Teaching Resources has done this for fifth graders in the state of Georgia and, I’m sure, for others around the country.

They publish a one-page summary on Lincoln, to be read before taking a “bubble test” on the content of that one page. The one page is a mélange of partial truths about Lincoln and the slavery issue, which as most of us know, is the reason educators tout as being the cause of the “Civil War.”

They start off by noting that Lincoln was not always considered to be a heroic person (the implication there being that he should have been). The summary states that: “Lincoln was hated in the South because he wanted to free the slaves.” Actually, Lincoln had very little concern for the slaves.

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