Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Steel Ibeam: NC PATCON - Fall 2013
                                                           III Spider with morning dew :)

First and foremost, the thank you's.

Thank you Brock once again for your hospitality to the Patriot community and allowing us to come together as brothers and sisters to share the fellowship with one another on your beautiful property.  

My gift from Michael Downing

Thank you Michael Downing for the gift as pictured above.  I will proudly use these knives with honor up here in Pennsyltucky.  Truth be told, we still have more pickups in our area with Confederate battle flag stickers, etc than NC does when driving down the highway. ;)

Thank you Sam & Holly for the III CQB class, as well as every sore muscle and bruise.  It was worth it!

Thank you Dan and Anita for taking the time to document the III CQB class.  This will eventually help us short term memory, Honda Odyssey hating, brandy drinking Patriots remember what we just learned.  :)

Thank you to all the speakers, the donators, and of course every single one of you Patriots that made it that day or that camped there.


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