Monday, August 11, 2014

Now Your Neighbor, Co-Worker, or Competition can Snitch and Destroy You or Your Company

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Let us start this horror show of an article with a fictional scenario which is about to become reality:
Joe works for Alpha Company and owns a nice home with two SUVs and even purchased a BMW for his daughter because she received straight ‘A’ grades at the private Christian school she attends. Bob who lives a few blocks over in a smaller home with a clunker for his wife, an old car for himself, and no car for his two sons works for the competition to Alpha Corp. at Beta Inc. Beta has been struggling lately and advised its employees that they will have to take a pay cut to continue to survive  but by golly they will struggle through this period of slow sales, making Bob’s life even harder.
Joe and Bob just happen to run into each other at the local Applebee’s at happy hour and start to talk. “Hey Bob, long time no see,” Joe starts the conversation out, “how the heck have you been? I haven’t seen you here in ages!” Bob looked down at his drink at the bar and muttered, “Hard times old friend. Our company is struggling, our benefits have been cut, our pay cut, and now we lost our healthcare coverage today and I don’t have the money for my family to pay for it.” Joe was worried about his old pal and offered to buy him a drink then said, “Hey, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t I give you the number for my accountant who has helped me to save enough money in taxes to invest and keep up our lifestyle. He might be able to help you after all!” Bob’s face lit up as he said, “Thank you Joe! I need a break and maybe this guy can help me out by finding deductions that I’ve missed.”
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