Tuesday, December 29, 2015


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Yawn. Another day, another hysterical article from a self-appointed Establishment “conservative” gatekeeper bemoaning the candidacy of Donald Trump and the imminent demise of the GOP and conservatism as we know it if Trump is not stopped. These have become so predictable that I didn’t even bother to read the thing before I started commenting on it on social media. They’re all the same. Trump is a buffoon. Trump is an authoritarian who doesn’t understand/respect the Constitution and the separation of powers and may even be a fascist. And best of all, authentic conservatives must support turning the United States permanently Blue through continued mass immigration and impoverishing the middle class with globalist phony “free” trade deals because of the free market… blah, blah … our values … blah, blah.
Well, the George Will article linked above gives us the first two, but oddly hangs its hat on the necessity of antagonism toward Putin and Russia as the reason why Trump is a mortal threat to authentic conservatism. No mention of immigration or trade deals at all. Color me surprised.

First of all, I have already addressed the issue of Trump’s demeanor in a previous article

Conservatives fretting about Trump’s presentation while the country spirals toward becoming irreversibly Blue due to mass immigration, is like fretting about the arrangement of the deck chairs on a rapidly sinking Titanic. If we don’t curtail immigration, then all the talk about every other issue on the conservative agenda is just beating our gums.


  1. "Trump is a Middle American who happens to be a billionaire, and the policies he supports......are conservative, in the most basic sense, in effect, and a large segment of the Republican electorate increasingly understands this. Will and his Elitist pals are losing their grip on Republican voters, and they know it."

    Yep, the Status Quo is drowning in the Sea of Reality, hence all the screaming monkeys throwing poo.

    "I’m tired of this foolishness."

    The understatement of the year!

    Central Alabamaian


    1. "I’m tired of this foolishness."

      The understatement of the year!

      Long since. :)