Thursday, November 5, 2015

"....the best outcome is a civil war within months........"

Via Skynet

[Update: In case you think that Alex's perspective is extremist, just now Hansjörg Müller of the Alternative for Germany party had this to say: “Germany now is somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding towards civil war, or to become a banana republic without any government.” Alex is simply ahead of the curve, while most of the commenters on this article seem to be off in the weeds. None of the commenters seem capable of making an obvious point, so I'll make it for them: Letting in all comers, not even bothering to check which ones happen to be demobilized fighters for Al Qaeda or the Caliphate, and who may have just recently run around raping women and beheading men, is a startlingly dumb idea, and its execution places EU officials somewhere on the spectrum between gross negligence and high treason.]

[Germany—the country at the center of the European Union and its economic powerhouse—is something of a black hole. 70 years after the fall of Nazism, it is still an occupied country, under military and political domination of the US. The national press, popularly referred to as Lügenpresse (the lying press) faithfully echoes the party line set in Washington. Germany's spineless politicians, popularly renamed from Volksvertreter (people's representatives) to Volksverräter (traitors to the people) are no better. And so we are unable to see what is actually happening there, as the European Union is, in the words of Russia's FM Sergei Lavrov, “committing suicide” by letting in the invading hordes from the Middle East. And so this short report by Alex, who tells us what he sees, is most welcome.]


  1. It just makes me sick to my stomach and fills me with a deep depression to see what is happening to Germany, and how it's own leaders are destroying that nation by invading their own country with Muslims who are bent only on conquest.

    I was stationed in what then the Federal Republic of Germany, back in the 70's. It became a 2nd home to me. Had TPTB and circumstances permitted I would have like to stay there. I grieve for what is being lost and what will be lost if those evil barbarians are allowed to destroy that country. I'd be willing to fight for Germany to remain German. Those ass lifters must go.