Thursday, November 5, 2015

Surprise! Faisal Mohammad: UC Merced Stabbing Culprit

Via sauced07

Faisal Mohammad, U.C. Merced Mass Stabbing Suspect

The Merced County Sheriff's Office said the suspect has been identified as UC Merced student 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad.

Authorities say Mohammad stabbed four people on the UC Merced campus Wednesday before he was shot and killed by campus police.The four victims included two students, one staff member and one construction worker.

More with video @ ABC


  1. Seems this doda also had a manifesto. Why, Oh why, are they even here.
    The UC Merced student who stabbed four people during a campus rampage intended to kill a lot of people, according to authorities who found a detailed manifesto on his body

    1. there was no evidence to believe the attack was “in any way related to terrorism.”

      & you're full of shit.

  2. That was the 1st thought when I heard of the attack - "Was he Muslim ?"

  3. Let me try to help our government. For the FBI, CIA, NSA and rest of the alphabet agencies let me point out a few dots. There was a MASS ATTACK at University of California, Merced. The attacker was Faisal Mohammad a Muslim. He stabbed several people. Check with Israel about Muslim stabbings occurring. I know everyone is denying terrorism but looking at the dots…You are lying.