Monday, May 25, 2015

Marilyn Mosby’s Consequences – 27 People Shot Memorial Day Weekend – Deadliest Month In Two Decades…

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 Lord knows what it would be like married to her, The Queen of Bitches. :)


27 people shot so far in Baltimore over the Memorial Day weekend creates May as the deadliest month since 1999 in Baltimore Maryland.


Baltimore State Attorney, and “Black Lives Matter” activist, Marilyn Mosby, has created an environment of brutal lawlessness in the wake of her visible animosity toward city police officers.  Thugs now rule the streets, particularly in the dangerous Western region as police are forced to stop proactive policing.

 The irony of consequence is lost amid the reality that more black people are being killed specifically because of the approach taken by the local Baltimore prosecutor.


  1. From what I've read the Baltimore cops are refusing to answer emergency calls in less than large numbers, and are not even bothering with pro-active policing, with the result as can be seen. Unlike Detroit, where the chief of police has basically granted carte blanche to law-abiding citizens to shoot thugs, Maryland still persists in gun control policies that allow the thugs to run rampant.

    1. Yes, Sir and all of this and more is the result of the American idiots who voted for Obama twice.

  2. They can keep killing each other too.