Monday, May 25, 2015

NATO Forces practice Night Raid on "Russian" Communications

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NATO Forces practice Night Raid of "Russian" Communications

KOSOVO | At Next News we're monitoring domestic and international drills as they intensify globally.

A mere 3 days ago in the forests of Kosovo cavalry soldiers with multinational battle group-east practiced destroying the communications infrastructure of a perceived enemy.

We've secured exclusive footage from the department of Defense of the drills while they were underway.

Mission accomplished. Those were the words of First Lieutenant Christopher Mittach.

In an annotated edition Sun Tzu's book THE ART OF WAR it is written: "not to allow the enemy to cut your communications." as Napoleon's Dictum stated "the secret of war lies in the communication."

This holds true even more so in the digital age. And here you see US troops training with multinational forces to crush the enemy's ability to communicate.

But who is the international threat? While Russia wasn't specifically named, with last month's NATO drills and their recent threats to Russia one can only assume that the target is indeed Russia - and this drill - and the recording of it - only serve to further illustrate the widening chasm between the two superpowers. A direct result of the failure of Obama's foreign policy putting the lives of every American and the world at risk.

That's my take. What is yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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Video credit DOD/NATO Channel


  1. When I put on my 'objective' hat, I see intentional provocation of war all over the planet by my country's Govt. along with NATO. Our 'Representatives' justify making the world a bigger mess for what reason again??? Same old song, just different singers. Stakes are much higher, and the End Game even more devastating than in any other time. America will not be exempt from the CHAOS this time. I don't know if Putin is a willing player in this End Game, or if he truly is trying to prevail against the NWO. It won't really matter, I guess, when it starts hitting the fan.

    1. Obama better stay in his sandbox. Putin is head and shoulders above him, needless to say.