Saturday, December 7, 2019

WATCH: Trump Science Advisor Will Happer Says Global Warming Is a ‘Scam’

On Al Gore:  "It has been very profitable for him so he’s a very wealthy man.”

President Trump’s former Science Advisor, Dr William Happer, has spoken out against the global warming scare.

“It’s a scam,” he says.

Happer, Professor of Physics Emeritus at Princeton University and, till September this year, the science advisor on the Trump Administration’s National Security Council, was speaking to Breitbart News in Madrid, Spain, at a conference staged by the Heartland Institute.

He described how he first spotted the nature of the scam during the Clinton era, when he was briefly director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science before being sacked by Vice President Al Gore. Gore didn’t like the way Happer was asking so many inconvenient questions about his friends’ supposed “climate” research projects.

Happer said:

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