Saturday, December 7, 2019

The CIA's Secret Heart Attack Gun

Via Gentry71

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  1. Young Healthy Breitbart comes to mind...
    He scared the bejabers out of the Demonrats and most especially the old hag Shrillary...

    1. Thanks and I seem to remember something about that.

    2. I'm rather careful about even hinting such claims and are aware that Jones and many of his conspiracy peddlers are pushing the same theory.
      He was about to disclose some damning things about Hilary which to date has never materialized, which anyone who believes themselves a target would make sure that info would be released in case of their mysterious deaths. But there is reason to question his death as are his family and close friends and co-workers who knew him well and have reported him to have been in great form before his death.
      Also troubling was there was no indication of any heart disease according to family, yet the MSM immediately jumped on his having an enlarged heart and chronic sufferer of heart disease?
      The last article I read a year after his death, the family had denied that he suffered from any type of heart disease.

      I don't know, but I do think his family and close friends would know.

    3. As I remember they were walking in the evening and he collapsed.

    4. Yessir....I think there was a small dinner gathering with friends, light drinking. And it was reported that he acted and looked great.I had an Uncle who passed away several years ago who was in awesome shape at 68 and ran many of the Boston marathons, Charleston Bridge Runs the Kings Mountain run N.C. which he had just finished. He went home showered rested in front of his computer to post the results of the race & died suddenly without warning sitting in his chair with his hands still on the computer keys. Perhaps what I'm getting to is that the difference here with Breitbart as with other Hillary connections, is how everyone who is threatening to disclose damning evidence against her or any number of other politicians, most especially Hillary, have heart attacks or they commit suicide with one or two rounds to the backs of their heads...Heart failures happen to even the healthiest of us, most however, aren't connected to Killary as to the many we've been witnessing these past 30 years. Alex Jones is a nutcase, but, he ain't telling us anything we haven't already thought about.

    5. Well said, Sir. I don't discount anything these days.