Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump faced his biggest challenge yet — and he nailed it

Via Billy

Donald Trump had a big job to do Thursday night, but of course big jobs are what he does for a living — so it’s really no surprise that he got it done . . . beautifully.

The Republican nominee needed to not just act presidential, but be presidential — while still being himself.

He needed to keep every ounce of New York toughness and roughness he’d shown in the campaign to date, while also showing sensitivity and a sincere commitment to making life better for all Americans.

He needed to show a coherent policy vision recognizably his, that spoke to “his” voters, regular Republicans and all Americans.

And he did it in a speech characteristically Trump — wandering and emphatic, hard-hitting and a little chatty; blending policy and principle, anecdote and attack line, while speaking from the heart.

More with video @ New York Post


  1. FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump - Republican National Convention

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