Friday, July 22, 2016

MH370 Pilot Flew a Suicide Route on His Home Simulator Closely Matching Final Flight

Via sauced07

New York has obtained a confidential document from the Malaysian police investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that shows that the plane’s captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, conducted a simulated flight deep into the remote southern Indian Ocean less than a month before the plane vanished under uncannily similar circumstances. The revelation, which Malaysia withheld from a lengthy public report on the investigation, is the strongest evidence yet that Zaharie made off with the plane in a premeditated act of mass murder-suicide.

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  1. “a small runway on an unnamed island in the far southern Indian Ocean,” ?

  2. Nope. A big runway with large hangers to adequately hide
    the plane. Did my research on this at the time.
    Only place Flight 370 could have landed undetected.

    1. A big runway with large hangers to adequately hide
      the plane

      I remember reading that now. Anything else on it?