Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Latest NPR, Atlantic and The Sacramento Bee hit pieces on Patriots


I am reading an article right now in "The Atlantic" (November 2020
issue) about Oath Keepers - earlier today I listened to a one hour NPR
interview with the author of that article. The article is titled "Civil
War Is Here, Right Now" by Mike Giglio. A link to it is here:

We have a problem, and it's not just the lying left, but rather a larger
effort to paint the patriots as those instigating political violence.
It's a classic Alinsky tactic - blame others for the evil that you do.

As we all know, just the opposite is true. But, that's the way they are
preparing the information battlefield in order to win either way the
election goes - if President Trump gets re-elected and the already
widespread rioting and looting gets worse, the media will paint the
patriots who rise in defense of their communities as the instigators of
unwarranted violence against "mostly peaceful protestors." We've already
seen that play out in Kenosha where a young man fired in self-defense
and was immediately charged with murder, with no investigation. And how
the assassination in Portland shortly thereafter was quashed and if
there has been any investigation of the full hit team that was involved,
I am unaware of it.

Conversely, if Biden wins, they will then launch nationwide efforts to
persecute and prosecute all members of the patriot movement. Or, more
accurately, ramp it up. The article in The Atlantic as well as the NPR
interview today both noted how the $PLC provided the author with a file
of those who signed up as Oath Keepers which, of course, is meant to
instill fear. Fat chance.

The only solution that I see is to continue to counter those lies with
the truth. I'll be writing some more on this a bit later this week.

The interview on "Fresh Air" only ran today, so it is not on the NPR
archive as yet - probably tomorrow. I recorded it separately, in order
to address its point of misinformation. If you check tomorrow, it will
probably be there: the October 28, 2020 episode -
 Yet another instance of preparing the information battlefield - this one
against the good people of SOJ in NorCal:


  1. My fear is not so much the civil conflict that seems all but inevitable at this point. My bigger concern is the integrity of control over the military ESPECIALLY the nukes. When and if in the midst of a civil war that control falls to the left. The chances of a "Red Dawn" scenario becomes very real.

  2. It's just about time to water a certain tree...

    Keep your powder dry and your head on a swivel.

  3. I consider npr one of my sworn enemies forever.

    1. It should be closed as it serves no earthly use.



  5. I caught a portion of that npr episode.
    Commies are "all in" to achieve their
    goals no doubt! All the more reason to
    take back Our Republic with Extreme Prejudice.

  6. Thanks very much for posting this. Because of the links, I learned about the folks in northern California, working to secede, and have the State of Jefferson. I listened to a couple of their speeches.

    I found them inspiring.

    And, sooner or later, one must admit that the right to leave/separate/secede is part of freedom.

    It was also useful to read more details of how the anti-American agitators agitate to try to achieve their evil plans.

    Thank you very much for posting such a variety of subjects and links. It really helps in gaining a better understanding of our current circumstances, and how such circumstances came to be.

    1. And, sooner or later, one must admit that the right to leave/separate/secede is part of freedom.

      Absolutely and thank you for the kind words.