Thursday, December 22, 2016


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Higher Education has long led the Marxist Parade Would you like to know the truth about how and why students in all levels of American education have been dumbed down? Are you aware that once America led the world in education, but now is noted internationally for the ignorance of its people?  Read Cry Havoc: The Great American Bring-down and How it Happened by Ralph de Toledano.

Reds Gather for 1934 May Day Parade to Union Square in New York City Photo 
Reds Gather for 1934 May Day Parade to Union Square in New York City

Americans should check out the history of Germany’s Frankfurt Institute and its dauntless collection of Critical Theorists. Those Critical theorists, realizing the failure of Marxist efforts to captivate U.S. working folks (the proletariats), directed their seductive, Marxist efforts toward the intellectuals. They pursued folks in academia and, most especially, the offspring of wealthy Americans. Their Critical theory (a new method designed to bring to fruition Marxist beliefs and goals) accompanied them from Russia to Germany and then to America.

 Under the guidance of America’s John Dewey, the tenets of Critical Theory spread throughout the U.S. Institutions of Higher Learning. Beginning at Columbia in NY, it then infiltrated every area of American culture. The clever Marxists made sure that only a few at the highest levels in academia understood what was transpiring—the rest of Americans—the “sheeple,” had no inkling of the truth.


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