Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Charlottesville City Council Votes to Violate State Law - Will Attempt to Tear Down Lee Monument

Via Susan

“I can tell y’all, we didn’t have these issues. We grew up together. I used to walk through every neighborhood,” he said. “Don’t play black folks for a fool. This disgusts me — and you’re supposed to be our leaders? Our parents didn’t hate the statue.”

Last night, in a city council meeting that once again resembled more of a circus than a representative form of government, Charlottesville City Council voted 3-2 to attempt to tear down the magnificent equestrian statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from its place in LEE Park.  Against the advice of its own City Attorney, its self-appointed Blue Ribbon Commission, and the wishes of the overwhelming majority of its citizens, they voted to violate state law in order to carry out their campaign of hate and bigotry.  Tensions were high and police had to escort several people out of the meeting when tempers boiled over into fighting, all a result of the divisive climate created by City Council.  A 10 year old girl who stood to address city council was actually booed loudly by the monument haters and others were the target of their jeers and taunts.


  1. They keep voting and voting until they get the vote they
    want. The third time is a charm in this case. They might
    as well get rid of Abe Lincoln's too, the biggest mass murderer
    of U.S. citizens by a U.S. citizen (?) in U. S. history.
    Some additional info if you shld be interested:
    Democracy, what a scam.

    1. Thanks, "a Republic if you can keep it."