Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A White Utopia?

Via Nancy


  1. That Englishman who spoke on the video about being tolerant is typical of the vermin who move away from the multi-cultural diversity which they allowed and encouraged in their home countries/states, and flee to a White safe zone, only to pollute their new homeland with the same poison.

    These people are cowards and liars, as they never fight for themselves or their culture and then lie to themselves and anyone who will listen about how 'tolerant' and "nice" they are.

    For example, I give you Oregon and Washington state. In a matter of decades, what were nice conservative states have been turned into libtard California-style "paradises" (With apologies to the wonderful patriots and good Americans who live there. I can relate as I too live behind enemy lines).

  2. Sorry, I only just watched the video. I actually heard this same village mentioned on NPR yesterday.

    This is a very interesting destination, especially for me bc I'm so against classical liberalism; and Hungarians lack that tradition.

    Hail Nick Griffin! He's a hero of mine.

    Sun Zhu says: "42. When invading hostile territory, the general principle is, that penetrating deeply brings cohesion; penetrating but a short way means dispersion."

    So, my fear would be that the white newcomers could become unified against the native villagers, though they also be white. Regardless, this is a neat idea.