Sunday, March 6, 2016

NC: Leatherneck March '16 Newsletter

We had 7 attend the Basic Weapons Class. Thanks for all that came out.

Please get your calendar out and carefully plan for the coming events.

Volunteers needed to help the Red Cross install fire alarms in needy homes in the Conover area. We would meet this Thursday, 0800 at 403 Conover Station SE, Conover, NC. We will spend the morning installing and testing alarms. Please send me an email if you can make it or show up.

Saturday - this Saturday the 12th. We will meet in the parking lot of Fair Value Grocery across from McD's on 321 S - at 1100 to carpool to this months meeting at Jacks home.

Bring a small shovel and some matches as we will build a few "Dakota Fires"  Bring your firearm, a target and some ammo for a friendly shoot. No alcohol until the shoot is over. Anyone handling a firearm in an unsafe manner will be asked to stow it.  Please use all your training to insure that we all leave with the same # of holes that we came with!

Directions are fairly straight forward.
Take 40 west and exit at the only west bound Old Fort exit.
If you miss the exit you will be going up over and back down the mountain to turn around.
Turn left off of the exit ramp and proceed for a 1/2 mile and turn left onto Old Fort - Sugar Hill Rd.
Drive for another 1/2 mile and turn left onto Wildlife Rd.
The intersection is a little tricky. Its a three way intersection and Wildlife Rd. is difficult to see until you are into the turn.
Proceed for another 1/2 mile to Warren Holler RD. Warren Holler is a private dirt road but the sign is easy to see.

Fly tying classes at
Appalachian Mountain Brewery and Cidery
163 Boone Creek Dr, Boone, North Carolina 28607
March 28th at 7 pm. If you're interested we will carpool from Caldwell
County. Contact me ASAP if you're going.

There is a III% - Oath Keeper Roundtable Conference to be held in Sunman, Indiana this June 23 thru 27. As you may know one OK was murdered by FBI surrogates during the peaceful demonstration against the Bureau Of Land Management. Well they arrested ~10 others that helped the Bundy family assert their God Given Rights at the end of last year. We are not immune... I am going to try to attend. I will take a collection when we meet and try to get the finances covered. Any member is welcome to come if we collect enough funds and/or you can cover yourself.  More later.

Consider joining up with the Red Cross. Go to and sign up. Instructions are easy to follow. You only take the training you want and help in the areas that interest you.

I spent last weekend training with the Red Cross at Laurel Ridge Camp, Conference and Retreat Center. They have a series of camps for children coming up in the Spring and need help clearing the trails for the kids. We would need one or two chain saws with operators and a bunch of helpers. They will feed us and give us a comfortable place to sleep... Stand by for the date. It would be a great time for all.

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