Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The War of Coastal Aggression

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War of Coastal Aggression

Most nations have regions that are unique and known for their special qualities. For example, France has its wine country and Mediterranean coast, Germany has castles along the Rhine, Switzerland has ski resorts in the Alps, and Italy and Greece have ruins from centuries past.  What makes them nations, however, is the commonality of language and culture that unites their citizens regardless of political or philosophical differences.

We used to have that unity in America, when our nation was a true “melting pot”. Legal immigrants added the flavors of their nationality to the mix but swore allegiance and loyalty to America not their country of origin.  They learned English and American History, and proudly sang “Oh say can you see . . .” standing and saluting the flag, not burning it or taking a knee.

Our nation is now seriously and purposefully divided along geographical and philosophical lines, a repeat of the conditions, motives, and political treachery that existed in our young nation between 1828 and 1860. And the results were disastrous. 

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