Monday, December 19, 2016

North Carolina Wows with Its Impressive Tax-Cut Successes

Via Billy

North Carolina’s Republican Gov. Pat McCrory was just voted out of office in a heated contest with his Democrat challenger.

Those who voted for Roy Cooper over McCrory will probably live to regret that decision very soon.
Impressive tax cuts in the Tar Heel State have kept more money in the pockets of its citizens, but that wasn’t good enough for the radical left.

And the good news keeps on coming: more jobs, more money for schools, higher pay. State governments are constantly competing for people and businesses, and North Carolina has proved that cutting taxes is a great way to come out on top. Since 2013, Governor Pat McCrory and the state legislature have cut taxes by an astounding $4.7 billion — and the result has been economic growth, job growth, and even additional tax revenue that could spur yet more tax cuts in the years ahead.
North Carolina’s tax cuts to date have included reducing personal income taxes for every single working family in the state, lowering the corporate tax to the lowest rate in the country for states that still levy one, and eliminating the death tax entirely. To help patch budget holes, the state also eliminated exemptions to the sales tax to broaden its base and even the playing field.


  1. We are new to North Carolina. My wife and I were impressed with McCrory's response to hurricane Matthew. We voted for him and were very surprised when he lost, particularly since Trump won in North Carolina. We thought that most people who voted for Trump would also vote for McCrory, but apparently not.

    1. Thanks and I can't believe that the majority of North Carolinians were opposed to the bathroom law. Shenanigans here.

  2. Don't worry about Roy, he's a lame duck from day one. He might as well go on vacation (at our expense) for 4 years. CH

  3. I think it had more to do with the I-77 toll lanes