Monday, December 19, 2016

Will the liberal death threats end today?

As we know, the last gasp attempt by liberals to thwart the election results will unfold today.

Every elector who is bound and planning to  vote for Trump has been subjected to multiple death threats against themselves and their families since the election ended. This level of  hyper-hate and this transparent attempt to overturn our peaceful election process is unprecedented in American history.  That neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama, as the leaders of the Democrat Party,
have spoken out publicly against this (thereby conveying acquiescence, if not downright support for such illegal and even 'felonious' activity) is adding to the shame both already "enjoy." 

Obama, Clinton, and other Democrats not speaking out against this are not only bringing shame to their own political party,  they are nearly ruining it in the process.  They have set a dangerous precedent that acting like election results don't matter, but that pressure from a dangerous mob of Democrats does. They're playing with fire and as most of us who are adults know........when you play with fire, you're gonna get burned.



  1. I think the Left is a little bit insane

  2. The Left has always been about power.

    They promise revolution against capitalists only because such is a potent means to power. I doubt most actually care a whit for the working poor.

    Those who do care end up on the Right, even if not realising it. All those who voted for jobs, voted to improve their communities, were really voting in very right-wing spirit as I see it.

    To care for or to serve something other than oneself is deeply right-wing. To care for only oneself is the essence of the Left.

    1. To care for or to serve something other than oneself is deeply right-wing. To care for only oneself is the essence of the Left.

      The opposite of what they broadcast.

  3. In a word: No! They have been for the past 8 years rewarded and encourage to continue their bad behavior. The bill for spending more money than we have for in the way national income to pay for it all, is coming due. They are going to be unhinged furious when they don't get their way, and they don't get every thing they think they are entitled to have. Compounding the matter is that Pres. Trump will be fighting a two front war. First he will be fighting all the usual suspects and their allies, who will do every thing in their power to be a PITA. Second, he will be fighting a large segment of the establishment, inside the beltway RINOs who will never forgive him for exposing their true colors to the American public, and for being an outsider. They will never forgive Trump for willing this election. In addition, they are going to take their wrath at all those "Deplorables" defied and rejected them out on Trump.

    1. Pres. Trump will be fighting a two front war.

      A long row to hoe.

    2. Not only is Trump using the Secret Service but he
      is going to retain his own personal security. He
      does not trust the Secret Service based on its
      past exploits - remembering JFK and the Secret
      Service standing down to clear the path for the kill

    3. Don't forget. It was Bush who started the overspending frenzy. And it was Bush who began the bad fiscal policy (QE and I think ZIRP began then too).

      Obama just took things to a higher level of bad.

    4. Thanks and I remember that Bush mentioned something like he would be the start of a permanent Republican majority.