Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day: The Forgotten History of America’s Memorial Day and What It Commemorates

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I’ll keep this brief… I hope you are having an amazing Memorial Day and are remembering what this day is truly about. Remembering and Honoring those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

People tend to forget what the day is actually about and simply view it as an “unofficial start to summer” or “another day off work.” Feel free to share this guide so we can remember the significance of this day. And God bless all those who have served our country. 


 Early American Militias: The Forgotten History of Freedmen Militias from 1776 until the Civil War

Memorial Day is more than just the “unofficial start of summer.” It was originally a celebration of the lives sacrificed on both sides during the War Between the States. Not an official federal holiday until 1971, the history of Memorial Day is one of controversy. This guide traces the origins of this American day dedicated to remembering and honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Early Celebrations: Annual Decoration Days


While the day was eventually codified as a Civil War-centric holiday, people had laid flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers for decades before there was such a thing as Memorial Day, or “Decoration Day” as it is sometimes called. Annual decoration days were most common in the American South. Because the American South was more rural and agrarian based, it was not uncommon to have a family cemetery. It was here that families would gather for picnics and grave decorations.

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