Monday, May 27, 2019

Trump Counterattacks Using Democrat's Hypocrisy

Via Billy

 Trump Counterattacks Using Democrat's Hypocrisy
 These people are not our betters. They are our worsers, our much, much worsers.
George Orwell’s socialist tyrants worked hard to impose what he called “doublethink,” but today’s left can’t even manage singlethink. Our bloated, soft and lazy elite no longer bothers to try to fool us with consistent, coherent lies – it is too busy reacting to the actions of one solitary hero who knows how to play these blue city geeks like Keith Richards knows how to play a guitar, only with less Jack Daniels.

Now that I have Nancy Pelosi’s attention…

That hero is President Donald Trump, who I hope is president forever because watching him use his narrative jiu jitsu on his feckless opponents is so much fun that I dread the day when he’s no longer in the ring body-slamming our enemies for our amusement.

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