Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Almost three out of every four Louisiana residents oppose removing Confederate monuments and symbols.......

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.......... from public space, according to a poll taken by LSU in February. Only 20 percent of people surveyed favored Confederate monument removal.

New Orleans city government has been trying to take monuments down from local public property for the better part of the year, in spite of several roadblocks being thrown up to their removal.

Currently, a court has stopped the city from removing the monuments until litigation over the matter is resolved. On a more practical level, New Orleans hasn't been able to find a contractor to take down the monuments, because potential bidders have been threatened and intimidated.

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  1. This whole thing of all things Confederate is a concocted
    conspiracy to degrade the best flag in the nation.
    "Those who hate this flag and seek to ban it do so because in their hearts and minds they know they will never, ever, be equal to the challenges of those who fought and died for it. It is not your flag! Leave it the Hell alone!"
    The ones who would conspire to ban this magnificent flag
    and the memorials that go with it are the type who eat their young.

    1. Indeed and that was excellent. Thanks.http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2016/04/it-is-not-your-flag-leave-it-to-hell.html