Monday, January 27, 2020


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The Liberals and media act like they've discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls in a soon-to-be-published book authored by former Trump Administration adviser John Bolton.  There are claims Bolton has solid evidence that President Trump tied the U.S. aid to Ukraine to a requirement that Ukraine reopen the investigation into Burisma Holdings that employed Hunter Biden as a board member.

Eyewitness and fact witnesses Ukraine President Zelensky and our President Trump both contend such a demand or arrangement never happened, which means any evidence Bolton claims to have is irrelevant. There may have been previous discussions or even a proposed plan to do that, but the actual transaction between the two presidents did not include a quid pro quo element in the transcript of the original telephone call, and it is only the final transaction that is relevant and not any discussions or proposals leading up to that call.

The other problem the Liberals have is the fact the House is exclusively tasked to assemble all the elements of their impeachment evidence.  Once that is completed, the House then sends the impeachment documents to the Senate, where a trial is conducted on the evidence the House provided -- and nothing more.  Any additional alleged evidence the Liberals claim became available after they completed their impeachment could be brought forward in a separate impeachment process, but that is not required in this current Senate trial.  Of course, the Senate can change the rules and allow further evidence or witnesses, but in the end the final verdict will still be that no impeachable offenses occurred -- and that's all that counts.

Obviously, allowing additional witnesses and evidence will result in a prolonged trial that could last 3-5 more months, and that means the Congress will be hamstrung from doing the Peoples' Business that much longer.  The Liberals are already seeing swing-voters leave their side because they've been wasting our time on their impossible impeachment scheme, instead of working on matters like health care, RX drugs, infrastructure, etc.  If the Liberals get their way and more witnesses are called and additional evidence allowed, the Democrat Party will find itself almost extinct after the 2020 elections.  Either way, the Democrats are facing certain defeat in 2020, where we will see the Conservatives win a majority in the House and the Senate in addition to seeing President Trump win a second term with ease.  How badly the Democrats will be turned away depends on how much more time they waste, so they face a lose-lose situation that they brought about entirely themselves.

Oh boo-hoo!

~~Carl F. W.

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