Monday, January 27, 2020

West Virginia in the Un-Civil War: The Union Annexation of 50 Virginia Counties

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Confederate Monument in Romney, WV
 Confederate Monument in Romney, WV

I have no doubt that the great majority of the people of West Virginia today believe they are better off separated from Virginia. They have their own two U.S. senators, and most importantly, they are not ruled by the wacko-leftist, anti-Second Amendment, pro-baby-disposal Democrat Governor Ralph Northam and his slavishly politically correct Neo-Marxist comrades in the Virginia Legislature.

“Democrat” was once a virtual synonym for conservative, especially in the South. But that was a far cry from the present madness. The Republican Party during the Civil War and Reconstruction periods was dominated by its big-business-big-government establishment wing. That has been slowly changing since Eisenhower. Reagan was a first peak of pro-worker, pro-middle class, common sense economic and social conservatism. President Trump has been a flowering and aggressive triumph of these same principles, vanquishing titanic errors of globalism and obsequious political fashions. It is a grave mistake to assume Republican and Democrat mean the same thing today as they did in 1860.

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  1. Since Eisenhower? So LBJ and his Great Society was a mirage?

    Oh, how I wish.