Monday, August 8, 2016

Hillary’s Handler Carries DIAZEPAM Pen for Patients Who Experience Recurrent Seizures

Via Billy

hillary handler diazepam

 Diazepam auto-injector pens are used for for Acute Repetitive Seizures.

An expert on Secret Service tactics told TGP Secret Service agents would not touch a candidate in the manner that this individual did and especially Hillary Clinton.  It has been widely reported on Hillary’s disdain for the agents who work to protect her. The man who touches Hillary may be a member of Hillary’s close staff – but he is NOT a Secret Service agent.


  1. I need one of those, I have a seizure every time I see Hillary.

  2. The picture isn't clear enough to prove it is diazepam, could well be teargas or pepper spray the bodyguard is carrying. During the speech where she became flustered she mentions something about how Trump is worse on treating animals which may indicate the animal rights wackos out in the audience put on some disgusting display. They love to show images of animals being butchered, blood, guts, etc in their propaganda. May well be what she saw.