Monday, August 8, 2016

Minister joins attack on Obama's praise for Iran nuclear deal

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 PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama (Photo: Reuters) (Photo: Reuters)

Following statements voiced by the Defense Ministry of the Iran nuclear deal on Friday, in which its was compared to British Prime Minister’s appeasement policy and the 1938 signing of the Munich agreement with Hitler, government officials have continued to heap criticism on the deal.

“There is no basis for the American government’s approach according to which the the full Iranian implementation of the nuclear agreement is indicative of its success,” Hanegbi said. “This is precisely the problem with the agreement: Iran has no reason to violate it during its validation period because it already serves all its purposes. Iran continues its regional subversion unabated. It arms and finances terror organizations and continues to advance its illicit production of ballistic missiles. Despite all this its economy enjoys the removal of sanctions and many countries investing in businesses in Iran,” he complained.

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