Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Commie Ken Burns sees an unfinished Civil War (sic)

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 Image result for Ken Burns: 'Slavery is why the Civil War happened'


Jim Crow sharecroppers experienced the pernicious substitute for slavery: ‘Well, if we can’t own you, we have to pay you something, it won’t be very much, but we’re going to own every other aspect of you.

(The Flimflam man conveniently leaves out white sharecroppers and he, as well as other 'experts', refuse to debate as they know full well they will go down in flames)

there was no law that protected African Americans in slavery  
(An unmitigated lie as my g, g, grandfather won the first case in 1834.)

pointing squarely at the South Carolina articles of secession: “Is there the words ‘states’ rights’ in their articles of secession?
(Yes, Einstein, but try reading the many other articles of secession.  Typical, liberal cherry picks what he likes and omits what he doesn't.)

 More nonsense @ The Washington Post


  1. I remember reading somewhere on the Internet that a slave owner in New Orleans was criminally prosecuted for inhumane treatment of his slaves.

  2. It should also be noted that numerous slave owners were black, and even, that the first officially documented legal slave owner in America was black.

  3. In my family's history, it's recorded that the Underground Railroad assisted a WHITE runaway slave.

  4. Posted at the WASHINGTON POST web site:

    Way back when I was a typical idealistic and rebellious youngster growing up in a segregated Southern white community during the Civil Rights movement, I thought the concept of compulsory racial integration was a great idea, for aren't all men brothers, and all races the same?

    But, since those days of hopeful idealism, over half a century has passed, and I've come to the sad conclusion that racial integration being forced by our government at the point of bayonets is a badly failed social experiment which we need to immediately abandon and repudiate.

    For one thing, we should never accept anything that is being forced on us at the point of a bayonet, no matter how noble it might sound.

    That is a major clue that something is very, very wrong.

    Yesterday, I read a comment by a black minister in Indianapolis who stated that the plague of deadly violence in black communities is a consequence of a general feeling of hopelessness.

    Having given that statement considerable thought, I would agree.

    But, as I see it, because of their resentment (or envy?) of white folks, the black neighborhoods must somehow manage to resolve their problems by themselves, since they won't accept assistance or guidance from white folks.

    It is apparent that our ancestors, who obviously knew more than we do, were correct in enacting legislation mandating racial segregation.

    For the protection of white folks, and for an orderly and peaceful society, the practical solution, if possible, would be to return to racial segregation.

    Failure to do so will inevitably result in massive bloodshed, probably initiated by a currently impending national economic collapse, due to racial hostility and social anarchy.

    1. Was that you, John? At any rate, it's unfortunately, hard to discount, sad to say.

  5. Posted at the WASHINGTON POST web site:

    From what I observe in the news, and all around me, I think we're currently living in a resurrection of the tyranny of Reconstruction.

    1. we're currently living in a resurrection of the tyranny of Reconstruction.

      Well said.

    2. Like I said the Obama Administration is like something out of a Thomas Dixon novel.

    3. Ken Burns is to history what Jackson Polluck is to art.

    4. Wish the little worm would disappear.

  6. Yes, those were MY comments that were posted at the WASHINGTON POST web site.

  7. Getting exactly what I would expect from the commie pbs propaganda Obama platform. Designed not for truth but designed to further wedge the divide between the black race and everyone else. Can another civil war be far behind with these inflammatory lies being spewed as fact?

    1. No and it's way overdue as we are further apart now than in '61.

  8. And he has a shitty hairpiece to boot!