Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Felon, Pedophile and Deadbeat Dad AltonSterling Shot Dead After Wrestling with Police

Via Billy

alton sterling

Alton Sterling was pedophile and deadbeat dad who owed $25,000 in child support.
The Obama DOJ is going to investigate.

CBS News reported:
Disturbing new video has surfaced in the police killing of a black man who authorities say had a gun when he was shot on the pavement outside a convenience store.
The shooting death of Alton Sterling is being investigated by federal authorities.
Sterling, 37, was confronted by police and shot on Tuesday after an anonymous caller said he had threatened someone with a gun outside the store, where he was selling homemade CDs, authorities said.
In the video, filmed by store owner Abdullah Muflahi, officers are seen pinning Sterling to the ground. Officers can be heard saying “You [expletive] move, I swear to God,” and shouting, “Gun!” before shots ring out.


  1. I've been saying for quite awhile now I wouldn't be a cop
    or a fireman for nothing. When I grew up, nobody hardly
    ever called the cops; they handled their own problems.
    Now, people will call the cops for a baby bear in their
    yard. Unbelievable. The clerk, who knew this man, called
    the cops.

    1. Ain't the America where I grew up, that's for sure.

  2. Protests have begun in Minneapolis, Atlanta, New York, LA.
    In Atlanta, today, a black man was found hanging from
    a tree. Under investigation.
    This Sterling dude was a registered sex offender, pedophile.
    I was watching on Kelly File but no web report as of yet.
    I hate pedophiles. Too low to go.

    1. Thanks and we shall see. As the article states, couldn't have been more timely as it might knock Clinton off first page.


  3. Dallas, Texas too. Looks to be an officer down in the street,
    not moving as in dead. Must have been shots fired as
    people started running.

    1. Yes, I just put a new post up. Looks like some civilians/plain clothes men down also.