Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Milo and Ann Coulter: If Trump Loses It Could Mean the End of the GOP

Via Billy

Ann Coulter: The Washington crowd, but the mistake they’re making is, the idea that they think there is going to be a functioning Republican Party if they take Trump down, because if Trump loses there is one group of people who are going to be blamed. And that is the establishment Republicans, the #NeverTrump crowd
Milo: That’s half of the Republican Party gone. They will never vote for Republicans again.
Ann: They will never get that Trump vote. It is the end of the Republican Party and I think it’s the end of the country anyway if Hillary gets elected. You have Paul Ryan as the Speaker. You have Hillary pushing amnesty. Right now presidential elections are decided by a few million votes. They’re going to have 30 million new voters.


  1. If Trump loses, it will be the end of America.

  2. Come on people, the Republic has
    been over for a long time.
    Especially during the unchecked and
    unopposed treason of the last 40 years.
    If Trump did not exist, this is still a fact.
    If rodham did not exist, this is still a fact.
    Do you actually believe the Republic was
    suddenly during the past twelve months?
    The reality is that the treasonous, traitorous,
    seditious shitbags of D.C. have been winning
    every attack and fight.
    Without one punch being thrown, without
    one fight being fought, snd without one shot
    being fired.
    Don't believe me?
    How is the history of the Confederacy, and
    all its symbols, doing in America today?
    Without question, not even the most basic
    and genuine defense was mounted to protect
    that history during the past year.
    Just as nothing was done over the past
    forty years, which would effectively defend
    our Constitutional Republic and punish
    its traitors.
    Own it.

    Cav Med

  3. Republicans and Democrats (Communists) care nothing about politics, as it's only about their personal power.
    All of them!
    And we are being used every day.

    1. it's only about their personal power.


  4. Cav Med is right. Not a damn thing of any significance was
    done to protect the Confederate flag or the traditional way
    of life. When hundreds were suppose to show up, twenty
    came to take a stand; eight in Sacramento where hundreds
    were suppose to arrive. The lower-than-scum were allowed
    to call them neo Nazis' when they were patriots.
    The Confederate flag isn't the threat; it's the Karl Marx
    types. Even the police side with the communists like good
    little commies. They stood back until the good guys started
    having the advantage. The Confederate flag represents
    freedom more so than the other flag of genocide.

    1. the other flag of genocide.

      Reminds me of..........

      My Suggestion For Equal Time For The S&S

  5. Amen. Nothing but devastation and genocide. They manipulate it; you fight it.