Wednesday, July 6, 2016

BOGUS: Gee, Another Coincidence.......Romanian hacker with access to Clinton emails found dead in jail cell

Via Iver

Christian Times Newspaper has learned that Guccifer, the Romanian hacker currently being held on charges for hacking Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, has been found in his Virginia jail cell, dead of an apparent suicide.

Guccifer, also known as Marcel Lazar Lehel, was extradited to the United States to face charges after openly admitting to repeatedly hacking Hillary Clinton’s email server.  This claim occurred in the midst of an FBI probe that was concluded this morning by Director Comey.

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  1. Suh-prize Suh-prize ! Gee, thats two dead guys in about a week - November must be fast approaching !

  2. Suicide by two bullets to the back of the head

    1. Well, those guns just have minds of their own. :)

  3. that's a totally fake story, guys.... Google it.