Sunday, June 23, 2019

Trump: 'We don't need any more wars'


President Trump reportedly called those pushing for a war with Iran 'disgusting' and said the country does not need to get themselves into any more wars.

"These people want to push us into a war, and it's so disgusting," Trump told a confidant about his security advisers according to the Wall Street Journal. "We don't need any more wars."

Trump told the source that he was unhappy that $130 million was wasted when Iran shot down the U.S. Navy drone, but said he thought killing Iranians was not something he wanted to do either.


  1. Trump was not my ideal candidate, but he has a long history going back to the 80's of opposing economic and foreign policy globalism. Good for him in not being suckered into another globalist interventionist war. But "the powers that be" are warmongers. Hopefully he has good loyal security, unlike JFK. Reagan too was not a globalist. Recall that he did not go to war after 240 of our Marines were killed in Lebanon, but did strike back with battleship firepower, but did not expend more American treasure and blood for "regime change". --Ron W

    1. did not expend more American treasure and blood