Sunday, June 23, 2019

Holy Mother of Mary - I just inadvertently discovered the golden goose of all TRIGGERS!

Via G.W. Long

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Stay with me Pedes. Let me preface this by saying I have friends that are cucks. I don't hold it against them. I tend to believe they will come to their senses one day.

So I am talking with one of my cuck friends that is a Facebook shill reposting a bunch of Huffington articles. I was talking to him about his kids and school and which school they are going to attend because they go to private schools. He starts talking shit about Trump and Betsy DeVos and how they are going to ruin the school systems. And I say, "well you made your decision to go to private schools long before Trump and DeVos had any influence." He chuckles sheepishly and says the public schools in his area suck.

So I give him a little shit and say, "Oh yeah, so you are all about open borders as long as those kids don't go to the same schools as your kids."


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  1. Those "magic words" we're excellent!

    I like to ask such folks, if you go on a trip and return to find undocumented guests with their children in your home, do you let them stay until their court hearing? Or do you call LEO to remove them, you know, like a "xenophobic"? If a citizen, especially a bad one like me gets arrested for a gun law violation, does he or she get to stay out of jail lest they get separated from their children? Just wondering if there is equal justice in all this. --Ron W

  2. They throw the word racist around like it was the time of day. Let the word FAKE be our throw back rallying cry. And watch them go into convulsions. Good story Thanks.

  3. Great, You write good content Thanks for the thoughts and ideas.

  4. Thanks Brock, for sharing this lil jewel of sanity.